christopher khayman lee

Welcome to my as of yet untitled site for actor Christopher Khayman Lee. Hopefully you'll be able to find something of interest here, if not, atleast I had fun putting it together. Any random acts of sarcasm or snarkiness is included free of charge. If for some reason you have the urge to feel free to email me. Content donations are also welcome!

03.02.07 // Chris has apparently been working behind the scenes on a indie called 'Miles From Home' which gathered some awards on the film festival circuit. You can find out more about the film, and also check out a recent photo of him, over at the film's official site.

02.22.06 // Finally getting around to updating again! Screencaps from That 70's Show have been added and also uploaded the behind the scenes photos from Forever Red since is no longer online.

02.01.06 // You may (or may not) have noticed, but the media clips have been down for a bit. I've moved them over to a new home, so they should be working correctly now.

12.18.04 // Was going through old magazines and found a Safe Harbor promo photo of Chris and Chyler which has been added to the gallery.

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