christopher khayman lee

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Birthday: March 11, 1978
Height: 5'10"
Sibling: Chyler Leigh (younger sister)

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Please bear with my rather generic and short bio as there isn't too much biographical information out there and most of my creativity went into the highly unimaginative image on top of the site (yes, that actually did take me time to get it looking right).

Born in the land of lower gas prices (aka New Jersey), Christopher was raised in Virigina Beach, VA after a brief stay in Charlotte, NC. At 17 he moved to Miami with his mother and sister when their parents divorced. Initally it was Chyler who got into the show business (as a model) which piqued his interest; however, instead of following his sister into modeling he joined an acting class.

After doing some commercial work and starring in the cable-staple "Kickboxing Academy" (which was also Chyler's film debut), he landed the role that most know him from: Andros the Red Ranger (with arguably the most distingushing hair style of all the Rangers) on the 'In Space' incarnation of the campy cult hit "Power Rangers".

His role on 'Power Rangers' brought him from the beaches of Miami to the beaches of Los Angeles. After the series wrapped Chris continued acting with a guest starring role on the WB series "7th Heaven" and eventually landed another lead role; this time as Hayden Loring on the short-lived series (also on the Frog Network), "Safe Harbor". Unbeknowst to the producers, they had also cast Chyler in the role of 'Jamie,' who was originally intended to be a love interest for Hayden. After learning that the two were siblings, the parts were rewritten.

Despite the fact that the show only ran for 10 episodes, it earned him a Young Artists Award nomination for 'Best Ensemble Performance'.

Post-"Harbor" he has appeared on two episodes of the equally short-lived TNBC series "All About Us" and the independent film "Light in the Forest".


Patricia Ja Lee on working with Chris: "'s great working with Chris...he is straight up and down to earth, mellow yet always in a good mood, and simply a cool cat with a good heart."


Neither Chris nor Chyler use their last name (Potts) professionally, instead they opt to use their middle names. He was credited as "Christopher Lee" in Kickboxing Academy, but has subsequently been using "Christopher Khayman Lee" in his work. Khayman was most likely chosen by Chris when he joined SAG to differentiate him from the other Christopher Lee, who you may know from a little movie trilogy called "The Lord of the Rings."

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