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Teen Beat
December 1999

Safe Harbor Q & A

There's a new one-hour drama series in town from the creator and executive producer of 7th Heaven, so you know that it's got to be good! It's called Safe Harbor and the series centers around a widower named John Loring (Gregory Harrison), the local sheriff of Magic Beach, Florida, a quaint seaside town. He lives in the Magic Beach Hotel with his sons, his spunky mother (Rue McClanahan) and Jamie (Chyler Leigh), a 15-year-old runaway who takes refuge in the no-vacancy hotel. Why should you watch the show? Because the strong teen cast will catch your eye and capture your heart. Sixteen-year-old Hayden (Christopher Khayman Lee) is the all-American boy who loves the ladies. 14-year-old Turner (Jeremy Lelliott) is a non-conformist with brains to boot and 12-year-old Jeff (Jamie Williams) and his inseparable best friend Chris (Orlando Brown) are convinced that they're cosmic twins. If you haven't seen Safe Harbor, check out our Q&As with the cast members and dont forget to watch the show Sunday nights at 7pm (EST)!

Christopher Khayman Lee - "Hayden"

TEEN BEAT: What's it like working with your sister [Chyler Leigh] on the same show?

CHRISTOPHER KHAYMAN LEE: We've worked together before so it isn't anything new for us. It actually makes it so much easier to work with her because we understand how the other acts and how we usually react to situations. It makes things so much easier.

TEEN BEAT: How do your characters interact on the show?

CHRISTOPHER: Her character is a runaway who comes to live with us. She doesn't open up to people a lot. She doesn't really make any exceptions with me. She tries to keep to herself, but seeing how my character and hers are supposedly the closest in age, we kind of see eye to eye on some things. I'm the one who has to show her around town, and I have to show her around school. We have little chats that some people might think are nothing, but our characters see them as something important.

TEEN BEAT: What's the best thing about being in show business?

CHRISTOPHER: The best thing is the money [laughs]. No, I think the best thing for me is making somebody believe I'm not me. It's really neat when you can do a scene and somebody doesn't look at you and say "Oh that's Christopher Lee doing a scene." They actually think that's Hayden doing something. That's pretty sweet when that happens.

TEEN BEAT: How does your character compare to you in real life?

CHRISTOPHER: One big difference I see is that my character has already had more girlfriends than I've ever had! [laughs] He seems to go through women really fast. I'm more of a "look before you leap" person where I don't think Hayden is. I think he goes headfirst into something without really thinking about it and maybe ends up in trouble.

TEEN BEAT: What do you like to do in your spare time?

CHRISTOPHER: We haven't been here in Jacksonville [Florida] very long, but we hear they have some pretty killer beaches. I'm not much of a surf person, but my sister Chyler is. We love to go check out the beach. I like flying back to LA. I love LA, so I've done that a couple times. We go to Little Tokyo first and hang out there all day and all night if we can.

TEEN BEAT: Do you have a message for the readers of TEEN BEAT?

CHRISTOPHER: Something I've always believed in is be very kind to your pets, because they're good to you, they love you!

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