christopher khayman lee

// updates

10.03.04 // Finally added a CKL section to the forums. It will stay or go depending on if it's used or not. (Updated 11/5: section closed because it has been over a month and there were no posts)

09.30.04 // Sorry for an after-the-fact annoucement, but Chris appeared on yesterday's episode of 'That 70's Show' as one of Fez's hair stroking victims!

08.11.04 // It's been a while, but added a new article transcript.

12.09.03 // According to Chris was on the December 5th episode of Boston Public ("Chapter Seventy-Four") as a student, who was taunting a girl who's brother had accessed a terrorist site on the internet. Thanks to Charles for the news!

11.05.03 // I'm trying to decide whether or not to add a CKL section to the forum. If you could, please take this poll so I can see if there is any interest at all.

09.25.03 // Added two blooper clips to the media clips page.

09.24.03 // The (not so) grand opening. I recently rediscovered my fascination with Chris (and PRiS but that's a whole other irreverant tribute in the works) and the urge to build a site one was too strong to resist (and I wanted something fun do while I have my quarter-life crisis). Hope you enjoy the trip down memory lane.